Completed Projects


Period Supporting organization

30,000rpm, 0.8kW & 7 phases BLDC Motor

1998~2000 ADD

50W BLDC Motor for Remote  Sensing

1999 KIST

110kW & 25,000rpm BLDC Motor for Torpedo

1999 LG

PMSM Elevator Motor (5kW ~ 76kW)

2000~2002 HYUNDAI ELevator

BLDC Power Roller for Conveyor

2000~2001 SAMSUNG

Actuator for Blue Shark Torpedo

2001 LG

6kW BLDC Motor  for Parallel Type HEV

2001~2002 HYUNDAI Motors

Direct Drive BLDC Motor for Drum Type Washing Machine


High Speed PMSM for Elevator

2001~2002 HYUNDAI ELevator

Permanent Magnet AC Servo Motor for Industrial Robots (30W ~ 5kW)

2000~2003 SAMSUNG

42V ISG for Automobile

2003~2005 HYUNDAI Motors

BLDC Motor for Machine Roomless Elevator

2002~2003 HYUNDAI ELevator

Scroll Compressor IPM Motor for Electric Vehicle (EV)

2002~2003 HYUNDAI Motors

Development 2-Axis LINEAR ACTUATOR for EOTS(Electronic Optical Tracking System)

2003~2004 SAMSUNG Thales

Development a compact high-efficiency permanent magnet motor for Direct drive  E/L

2003~2004 HYUNDAI ELevator

Development a Centering Device, high precision reducer for a field robot Development small sized motors having a large output

2003~2008 HYUNDAI Heavy Industry

Development High-efficiency SUV automobile drive support system


Development electromotive compressor BLDC motors for an automobile

2006~2007 DOOWON

Development a Mobile robot  wheel driven motor

2006~2007 WIA

Brush DC motor for ICPS(Infantry Commander Panoramic Sight)

2007~2010 SAMSUNG Thales

Actuator & Torpedo decoy

2007~2008 LIGNEX1

Development a motor for lineup maintenance and driver

2008 High Gain Antenna

Development azimuth, angle of elevation motor for gunner’s Panoramic sight

2007~2010 SAMSUNG Thales

Developing new power system for DIESEL Hybrid electric automobile

Developing the driving assistance system for high efficiency SUV automobile 2006~2009 SSANGYONG MOTOR
Developing integrated actuator that direct driving for moving robot 2007~2010 DASAROBOT
Permanent Magnet AC Servo Motor for Hybrid Excavator 2009~2010 DOOSAN INFRACORE
Developing driving system for PRT
(Personal Rapid Transit)
2009~2010 POSCO
Development Actuator of Thermal Tracking Device for K-2
(Black Panther)
2009~2011 SAMSUNG Thales
Development Multi-Mode Explorer Motor for Low Speed
2010~2011 LIG NEX1
Development 10kW Driving Device Motor for EV
(Electric Vehicle)
2010~2011 SAMSUNG
Developing a motor for barrier-free electric wheel chair 2008 ~ 2013 Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Developing under 4kW level of Hollow shaft motor and reducer 2009 ~ 2012 Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Developing High Output smart Actuator Module System 2010 ~ 2012 Kyeonggi Province
Developed the power delivery equipment and electric power source for Hybrid 2008 ~ 2014 Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Developed the propulsion and actuator system for Self-Propelled Decoy. 2011 ~ 2013 LIG NEX1
Developed the actuator driving system for Submarine-Launched Mobile Mine 2012 ~ 2014 LIG NEX1
Developed the toque motor for Mid-Range Infantry Guided Missile 2012 ~ 2014 LIG NEX1
Developing the essential parts electronizing for Smart Greencar 2010 ~ 2015 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Developing 50kW level of Hybrd trackter motor operated working system 2012 ~ 2015 honam.irpe

Proceeding Project


Period Supporting organization
Developing the actuator driving system for Next Generation Heavyweight Torpedo. 2013 ~ 2017 LIG NEX1
Developing resolver for KUH-1 FLIR(forward looking infrared display system) 2013 ~ 2016 Defense Agency for Technology and Quality
Industrialization of Tractor automatic navigation system for Agricultural Operations 2016 ~ 2017 Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy
Developing Axial Fan Assembly with Wide Range Voltage 2015 ~ 2017 Small and Midium
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