Values & Philosophy

“Motorizing Happy Life Values creation / Self-realization management”

  • Values Creation for customers | Motorizing Happy Life
    • Customer-Oriented Marketing
      • See the beginning and the ending of works from the eyes of customers.
      • Have Service-oriented mind and always put customer’s interest first
    • Creative Values Innovation
      • Create new values through challenge and innovation.
      • Become a leading global company offering hopes through changes.
    • Impressive service for customers
      • Become one with customers through enthusiasm and dedication.
      • Provide services that exceed customer’s expectation.
    • Self-realization Management | Motorizing Happy Life
      • Action management that realizes dreams
        • Realize dreams of officers and employees through education for action.
        • Realize the highest potentials by creating corporate culture of praise and encouragement.
      • Management of human resources that serves society
        • Practice free enterprise spirit with honesty and sincerity.
        • Become a respecting leader with frugality and patience.

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