KANF Series

High torque AC servomotor that realized slimness by adopting high performance neodymium magnet, optimum shape design, and high density winding technology. KANF Series are slim servomotors that have reduced the total length of motor significantly. It enables compact manufacturing of various robots and precision automation machinery and tools.

Characteristics Medium speed, slim servomotor
Minimization of cogging torque through magnet shape design.
Minimization of torque ripple through core optimum shape design
Applications Conveyor machines, Welding robots, Precision automation machinery

Flange Size Rated Output Model
130 0.4kW KANF-04
180 0.75kW KANF-08
1.5kW KANF-15
220 2.5kW KANF-25
3.5kW KANF-35
4.0kW KANF-40<
4.5kW KANF-45
5.0kW KANF-50
5.5kW KANF-55
7.5kW KANF-75
9.0kW KANF-90
11.0kW KANF-110
15.0kW KANF-150
18.5kW KANF-185
20.0kW KANF-200

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