KANL Series

Precision AC servomotor that realized low speed and high torque by adopting high performance neodymium magnet, optimum shape design, and high density winding technology. It can be applied to various precision processing machines and automation machinery that require low speed and high inertia.

 Characteristics Low speed, high inertia servomotor
Minimization of cogging torque through magnet shape design.
Minimization of torque ripple through core optimum shape design
Applications Machine tools, Woodworking machines, Spring forming machines

Flange Size Rated Output Model
130 0.3kW KANL-03
0.6kW KANL-06
0.9kW KANL-09
180 1.2kW KANL-12
2.0kW KANL-20
3.0kW KANL-30
4.5kW KANL-45
6.0kW KANL-60

대표이사 : 김덕근 / 본사주소 : 경기도 성남시 중원구 사기막골로 80
대표번호 : 031 8039 7800 / FAX : 031 8039 7810