KOMOTEK hollow shaft servomotor is classified as low speed/high torque and high speed/high power output depending on its usage and is superior product with speed control and speed acceleration/deceleration function. KOMOTEK hollow shaft servomotor guarantees the highest quality and reliability with high precision and superior durability. We provide tailored products that meet specifications requested by customers.

High torque direct drive motor, precise speed and high
speed acceleration/deceleration function
Semiconductor and LCD equipments

Flange Size Rated Output Model
40 200W KANU-02
400W KANU-04
60 600W KANU-06

대표이사 : 김덕근 / 본사주소 : 경기도 성남시 중원구 사기막골로 80
대표번호 : 031 8039 7800 / FAX : 031 8039 7810