KANZ Series

AC servomotor that realized compactness by adopting high performance neodymium magnet, laser soldering technology, and high density winding technology. KANZ Series can be applied to diverse areas of precision automation machinery such as various industrial robot systems and semiconductor manufacturing equipments.

Characteristics Ultra compactness, light servomotor
Excellent product life cycle with high reliability
Able to manufacture products that satisfies various specification needs of customers
Applications Robots, Semiconductor manufacturing instruments, Chip mounters, Inserters, XY tables

Flange Size Rated Output Model
40 30W KANZ-A3
100W KANZ-01
60 200W KANZ-02
400W KANZ-04
80 600W KANZ-06
750W KANZ-08
950W KANZ-10

대표이사 : 김덕근 / 본사주소 : 경기도 성남시 중원구 사기막골로 80
대표번호 : 031 8039 7800 / FAX : 031 8039 7810
제품문의 _영업팀 : (국내) 031 8039 7808 / (해외) 031 8039 7809