KANK Series

Precision AC servomotor that realized low speed, high torque by adopting high performance neodymium magnet, optimum shape design, and high density winding technology. It can be applied to various precision processing machines and automation machinery that require low speed and high torque.

 Characteristics Medium speed, medium inertia servomotor
Minimization of cogging torque through magnet shape design.
Minimization of torque ripple through core optimum shape design
Applications Machine tools, Woodworking machines, Conveyor machines

Flange Size Rated Output Model
130 0.3kW KANK-03
0.6kW KANK-06
0.9kW KANK-09
180 1.2kW KANK-12
2.0kW KANK-20
3.0kW KANK-30
4.5kW KANK-45
6.0kW KANK-60

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